Starting Paddling?

I have a canoe, what should I do now?

  • Check out our recreational website. This has links to paddling routes, major canoeing events and much more.
  • Your local clubs will often have days when you can come and try canoeing for little or no cost. They will also have experienced members who will be able to talk to you about the diferent aspects of canoeing and maybe even give you a few pointers on your technique. You can search for you local club here or you can contact your State Body who will be able to put you in touch with a club that meets your requirements.


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What is basic Canoeing technique?

How much is it on average to ‘have a go at canoeing’?

It is fairly cheap to start to canoeing. Prices can start from $15 per hour to hire a canoe or clubs often have 'come-and-try' days where it is free.


How do I decide what type of Canoeing is right for me?

Australian Canoeing has a wide variety of canoeing "disciplines" (types of canoeing) under its umbrella. Most canoeists start off doing general paddling and then as time progresses find an aspect of Canoeing that interest them and so start to specialise. For example if you enjoy the whitewater and competition then Wildwater Racing or Slalom might take your fancy or maybe you enjoy sea paddling. At the same time many of our members just enjoy a gentle recreational paddle.

Is Canoeing dangerous?

Like any sport, canoeing has it's risks. Australian Canoeing develops Safety Guidelines that are a comprehensive guide to keeping yourself safe. The benefit of Canoeing is that it is low impact and therefore the stress on the body can be less than some sports.


Does Australian Canoeing sell Canoes?

Australian Canoeing does not sell canoes itself however if you are one of our members you get discounts on a number of leading manufacturers. You can see a full list of member benefits here.

We also have our classifieds page where you can advertise and buy boats and gear

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